Welcome to Freelance Cape Town; proud to be Cape Town’s #1 Freelance and outsourcing platform.

We’re a small, dynamic team with 3 major goals:

  1. Increase Cape Town’s Freelance industry
  2. Create more opportunities for our local creatives and entrepreneurs
  3. Make our Freelance Finders (clients) happy

Since September 2014 our platform has become the hotspot where Cape Town freelancers get connected to freelance finders from all over the world.

Why did we start FCT?
We realized that there is more to life than a 9-5 job and that you don’t need to sell your soul to a corporate who doesn’t really value you or your future. The idea that corporate provides security is a façade when we see all the retrenchments taking place around us. So we felt it our obligation to create a platform for local creatives and entrepreneurs on which they could showcase their skills and connect with potential clients. This leads to a brilliant group of credible freelancers that can assist clients with whatever business needs they might have.

How did we find our gap?
During 2014 we knew that the only way to become free from the corporate chains were to outsource and sell our creative skills and earn a living from month to month. The question was: Where can I advertise my skills and not have to compete with millions of other freelancers on a global scale?

When we launched FCT we knew we had something special. We became a hyper local platform in Cape Town and after 4 years and more than 3 000 "client to freelancer” engagements via our site, we are confident to share that FCT has made a lasting difference in the lives of Cape Town freelancers and those starting their freelance journeys.

This is purely just the start, as we are now working on more functionality within the site to make this platform even more beneficial for our freelancers and freelance finders.

FCT has an open door policy, so if you have suggestions/criticism or you’d like more information regarding our platform, give us a shout: info@freelancecapetown.com

The future of job creators doesn’t lie with corporates; it lies with Startups. We believe that if you manage your freelance business well, you’ll grow and soon you’ll start employing people; becoming a job creator… now we’re talking.

Let’s stay connected,

Marius, Erin, Dawid and Karel